Improved Blacklisting

2020-08-21T22:06:07.000000+0000 by Weaver

Avatar of Weaver

The blacklist feature has been updated again. You can customize your blacklist settings from the main gallery/search page, and choose new options.

Blacklisted items can be censored (now a full opaque censor) or removed entirely from your display results. You can also optionally enable a "peeking" feature that lets you mouseover a censored image to see the thumbnail beneath, but this option is off by default.

We've also added a set of default blacklisted tags. Most content warning tags will be blacklisted by default for new users and guests, and are now opt-in rather than opt-out to help encourage the use of content warnings and safer browsing.

This will not affect existing blacklists, so if you've already been using the site and custom searches, you don't need to worry about your filters being futzed with.

Again, for anyone who hasn't used the blacklist before, it's simple: go to the gallery page, click "preferences" in the upper right, and add that tag (and any others you want to blacklist) to the "hide media with these tags" field.

If you want a better understanding of the nature of content and warning tags, feel free to visit the Tag Encylopedia for a refresher, or visit the Search Help page for specific help on finding your favorite media and using advanced search syntax.

I've made a statement on the presence of blacklisting and how we tag content warnings aggressively to avoid letting anyone see things they don't like, so we'll do our best to make this as intuitive and helpful as possible. Thanks for sticking with us.

As always, if you believe any picture is missing a content warning or are unhappy with a specific tag implementation please leave a comment on the appropriate picture or send me a DM on twitter and I will do my best to accommodate.

Thank you, and happy browsing!