Trash Pile 1.1

2019-02-28T08:09:22.000000+0000 by Weaver

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The site has been rebooted, new and improved! There's a bunch of new features to enjoy, including but not limited to:

*The site now supports RSS! Find the RSS link at the top of the Gallery.

*The gallery now has a preferences button that will let you easily customize your display options, customize blacklisted tags, hide stickers, and so on.

*You can now Like an image! Not only that you can like an image multiple times, with a cooldown of 12 hours. Share the love. You can browse your own personal (and private!) list of liked images from your profile, which will be sorted in descending order by number of likes. You can also search sort:likes to get a list of the most liked images on the site! As of this writing, nothing has any likes, so it's basically just random.

*You can use stickers in comments! Just click on any sticker in your book while you have the comment field selected!

*You can change the site's color theme in your account's Settings Menu.

*The gallery now supports a slideshow mode! This will fit your currently displayed images and can be navigated with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

*The gallery offers a "tags this page" button which will list all the tags that appear for all images on that page. Pop this open if you want some inspiration for tags to browse by!

*The tag system is being fleshed out with new search options. Check the Search Help page for help on how to search and special options/filters, or for information on specific tags we use and what they entail, try the Tag Encyclopedia!

*You can earn Badges -- minor, ultimately meaningless achievements on your account that you can view from your public profile page. For things like sticker collecting, account time, etc.

Right now, certain pages are still migrating (namely the proper About page and all the info pages on my various works), the Tegaki may be offline for a while, and the news archive of past announcements will be reuploaded shortly, but other than that the site should be in full working order.

One important note: because of the reboot your tag blacklists may have been reset. If you use a blacklist, you'll need to go to the "preferences" option on the Gallery and re-add your blacklisted tags. I'm sorry for this inconvenience, but you'll only have to do it once!

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2020-05-09T21:39:26.000000+0000There IS an option to hide stickers. Click preferences on the gallery/search page. It literally says that in this announcement!
2020-05-06T12:24:08.000000+0000please. for the love of Christ, give me an option to hide stickers
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2020-04-19T13:29:29.000000+0000They're gettin there! In the meantime try a site called Tumbex
2020-04-11T22:51:17.000000+0000@Weaver: where can i find all the old tumblr things? I'm pretty sure a lot of the tumblr things haven't been uploaded.
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2019-03-17T23:18:00.000000+0000@Renard_Fou: Sorry, you have to be 18 to browse this website. You agreed to this when you clicked through.
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2019-03-16T23:36:17.000000+0000NanQuest is still available in all the same places it was before, the site just doesn't have the links to them. They'll be back!
2019-03-16T12:01:24.000000+0000Uhh, you sorta cant read any of ya works now like Nanquest
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2019-03-06T09:00:27.000000+0000This site is still a little confusing to navigate, but much better than before.