Offensive tags and removal going forward

2021-06-06T20:17:45.000000+0000 by Weaver

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Since this hasn't been officially addressed here on the site's announcements, I wanted to make a few things clear:

The "ageplay" tag is gone, and will not be returning. Any content under that tag has been permanently removed. I am moving away from such content and will not be posting it in the future.

The "slur" tag is likewise removed, under renovation, as content under that tag is likely able to be edited to change the language. Anything for which this cannot be done (i.e. material for which the use of a slur is the central point or focus of the pic) will simply not return.

Various character changes are underway as well. Some characters were depicted with ambiguous or variable ages. They may be returning exclusively as adults. Others, who were always intended to be adults, but may have sometimes come across as underage, have had their questionable art removed and will be treated very carefully in the future, with utmost care being given to avoid possible "child coded" imagery or features. Any characters for whom this is not possible in the surest manner will instead not return. Character redesigns, renovations, or removals are likely in the future.

This is, naturally, an extremely sensitive topic and not one that should be skirted closely. Any character close to ambiguity or troubling depiction will be on hold until I am comfortable in my ability to make a clear visual distinction with success.

I don't have a lot of characters these considerations apply to, so it shouldn't be a very big change, and many will simply not appear anymore, to no great impact.

Thank you for your patience, your understanding, and most of all your forgiveness during this time. I will do my best going forward, to be both conscientious and productive.

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