Streaming and Newsposts

2021-06-13T01:27:51.000000+0000 by Weaver

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I'm making an effort to make newsposts a more common thing, rather than just once or twice a year. Maybe I should use this space to expound on whatever the week's topic may be, or talk about new characters.

Worth pointing out is that I will try to resume streaming more often.

For anyone who wants to catch a stream of mine, I tend to do a mix of both art and video games, ideally less mainstream ones. I don't currently have a schedule, but I announce streams on my Twitter.

I stream at my Piczel channel , and you can subscribe to be automatically notified when I go live.

For my next stream, I intend to do a live blind playthrough of Night in the Woods. I've never played it, despite a passing interest, so hopefully it'll be a fun experience for everyone.

Maybe I'll see you there.