Content Warnings

2020-05-23T08:07:15.000000+0000 by Weaver

Avatar of Weaver

Just letting everyone know we've added a new content warning tag with today's batch.

Though it's rarely depicted in my work, I know self-harm is a sensitive issue, so I've added the content warning tag "suicide".

It's often used in a non-serious or fakeout fashion, but its impact can be very real. If this topic is something you don't want to see, please don't hesitate to add it to your tag blacklist.

For anyone who hasn't used the blacklist before, it's simple: go to the gallery page, click "preferences" in the upper right, and add that tag (and any others you want to blacklist) to the "hide media with these tags" field.

We tag content warnings on this site aggressively, meaning that anything which could be interpreted as such -- even if not intended or actually depicting that thing -- will be given the appropriate content warning tag. The idea is that if someone sees something they don't like, being told "oh no, it just LOOKS like that" is not going to be much of a consolation. Hopefully this will help keep people from seeing content they don't enjoy.

If you believe any picture is missing a content warning or are unhappy with a specific tag implementation please leave a comment on the appropriate picture or send me a DM on twitter and I will do my best to accommodate.

Thank you, and happy browsing!