Doodl and the Wishgranter

2021-08-07T23:22:00.000000+0000 by Weaver

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This week's batch features a distinct ouevre of mine, as the pictures were all drawn in the program Doodl, which utilizes the built-in Windows Handwriting tool. Those who used MSN messenger in the past might recognize the simple, expressive vector line style and colored highlights. I enjoy this style a lot for its simplicity and looseness, and it frees me up to do quick, punchy doodles and requests.

This week also features most of the pictures I drew as "Wishgranter", a brief pseudonym I took on during my time posting on the Zootopia General threads on 4chan's /trash/ board. I did these when I started using Doodl, to see if the changed medium and slightly (intentionally) altered art style would convince anyone I was a different artist. Some believed it, others simply played along for the fun of it, but in the end a lot of art I really enjoy came out of it.

In my opinion, this sort of work is highly iconic of my overall style, very basic but expressive and focusing on scenario and cartoonish expression. Expect to see more art like this!

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2023-08-24T20:28:24.000000+0000what happen that list when you made for all the storys/comic you made?, I remember it way back on here. but it's now gone...
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2022-06-09T21:22:23.000000+0000I hope you continue to do the things you enjoy